Best Miss U Status In Telugu

We all know that instead of calling our friends, we people prefer to send them text messages on Facebook and WhatsApp. But to find out the best text for our friends is one of the difficult tasks for us. Today, we will help you to select the best text for your friends whenever you are missing them. It means that we are providing you some Miss u status for friends


Sometimes we people need some space where we can share our pain or feelings with our beloved one or with a group of people who are going through similar pain. So, creating a WhatsApp group is an option but you need to selects that miss u WhatsApp status  very carefully. As if the name is lame then, no one will be interested in joining your group.


These miss u statuses will help you to express your feeling in front of your friends. A few good words can easily make a stronger relationship between friends.

Sometimes it is not good to share long text status with friends because few people do not like to read more text. So you can share it with them. Even these short status can also be used as a status of WhatsApp. Currently, people are more conscious about sharing text messages with their friends on different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

Miss U Status In Telugu For Girlfriend

నీ జ్ఞాపకాలే నా ప్రాణం
నీ జ్ఞాపకాలతో నా ప్రయాణం

నేను చెప్పేది చాల చిన్నది కానీ ఇది లేకుండా జీవించలేను
నువ్వే నా ప్రాణం నువ్వే నా జీవితం .ఐ మిస్ యూ

ఎప్పుడైతే నేను మెసేజ్ చేసానో దాని అర్ధం నేను నిన్ను మిస్ అవుతున్నాని అర్ధం
ఎప్పుడైతే నేను మెసేజ్ చేయలేదో దాని అర్ధం నువ్వు నన్ను మిస్ అవుతున్నావని అర్ధం